cheap portable target stand for All 6-24 Inch Wide Targets

cheap portable target stand for All 6-24 Inch Wide Targets

cheap portable target stand for All 6-24 Inch Wide Targets tob outdoors is a cheap hunting gear online shop Canada.

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Our TOUGH polymer stand is EASY TO USE and designed for sportsmen, firearms trainers, gun ranges, law enforcement, military and competition.

The DURABLE polymer is BETTER than wood, SAFER and LIGHTER then metal and has shoot through self sealing properties. Vertical sticks are held SECURELY with patented design. No more shimming or thumb screws required to hold vertical uprights secure.

Compatable target widths include: 6", 7", 8", 10", 12", 14", 16", 18", 20", 23", and 24". Uses rough cut 1"x 2" wood fir strips (actual dimentions: 0.75" x 1.5"), not included.

Target Stands are designed for anyone who wants a tough, lightweight, stackable, portable target stand that is MADE IN THE USA. Our stands are better than wood, safer and lighter then metal, and more durable than PVC. The perfect target stand for shooting Targets.

WE have a bunch of steel targets which are heavy. This stand was easy to get 1x2s stick them in and staple targets to them. The only problem wasin the wind there is no support for the target with the 1x2s so you have to either stable cardboard up top or a beam of some sort. I bought 2 1"x2"x8' at Home depot for $1.25 each had them cut 2 feet off and put velcro on them and made a portable cross beam. Some people complain about the price and I can see why. Then again people pay $30+ for a tiny UpLula magaine loader made of plastic. It was worth it for me.

Almost didn't order because of price. Final decision was based on weight and simplicity of set up. All the others were metal and had some clamping screws to hold the wood furring strips. This model takes all sizes of targets and you simply push the 1x2 furring strips into the base, no screws to adjust. Only downside is the price, however I would recommend this product highly.

I gave it a lower score for value because it seemed to me like a high price for a single piece of molded plastic. But I must admit that it is a sturdy material with great construction and design so I guess it is worth the money. I have only used it once so far but it was easy to transport in the trunk of my car and goes together easily once I arrived at the range. The ranges around here have a 40 inch minimum height for targets and a maximum 60 inch height. I was able to cut the boards (I bought 8 foot length) to 5 feet 60 inches and some to 4 feet (48 inches). I marked them at the 40 inch point so I could place the targets and stay within the requirements. They are light weight and sturdy so attaching the targets in the staging area and then walking them out when the range “goes cold” was very easy. I will buy a second one when I get the money. That’s how much I like them.

Excellent idea and so easy to set up and use. Will work with all the target sizes we use. Highly recommended!

Well thought out and constructed. All hardware was included and everything fit properly. I used two1"x2"x8ft fir strips: 1) I cut in half (48") for the uprights and 2) I cut at 48" for a spare upright and two 24" cross braces. The cross braces were made by inserting a 1/4" x 3" steel hanger bolt into the uprights and boring holes into the cross-braces. The cross brace is secured by 1/4" wingnuts. The modification creates a more rigid target mounting structure as well as more places to secure the targets. The wooden parts are cheap and easy to replace when the inevitable bullet strikes happen.

I am impressed with the quality and layout. Good choice. I am happy.


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